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I enjoyed this program SO MUCH! It helped me to reframe my fears and doubts and move past them. My highest learning was from the second module, which really dug into imposter syndrome and how to move past it. Personally, that voice can really get in my way and stop me from taking action. The Overcoming Creative Fears and Doubts Program helped me to do the one thing I needed, TAKE ACTION. I felt like Becky could see into my soul. She helped me to normalize that feeling of self doubt that I thought I was the only one who had – that I’m not good enough. This program will help you get out of the rut you’re in and jumpstart you into ACTION. If you are doubting your creativity, doubting your brilliance, stuck and afraid, take the Overcoming Creative Fears & Doubts Program.

Sarah Turino

CEO & Creator The Whole Woman Wellness Formula

You know when you read or hear something and you feel that mental click of: “OH! Of course!”. That’s what happened in my head on just about every page. Reframing, elucidating, clarifying — my goals in my business, my me-ness in my business, all the what and why all coalesced into something more structured, cohesive and far more do-able than they were before. (And I even found that to be true re-reading a couple months after I first read it. Yes, it’s really that amazing.)
Chaya Shifra Sadoff

Motherhood Coach

Becky’s tips to spark creativity are genius! I have tried all her suggestions, and love them! They are super simple, and super effective! I’ve added a couple to my regular routine, and they really boost my creativity. I find I can work longer and better when applying her strategies. And best of all, I’m having more fun, too! If you’re stuck in a rut, this checklist will blast you right out! Thank you, Becky!
Amrita Madhusudan

Emotional Wellness and Productivity Coach

When I saw Becky’s pamphlet it screamed “Pick Me Up!” Creative, passionate, strategic, fulfilled…I had been longing for all of these things. I had a fun career, but it just wasn’t meeting my needs, so I had just closed my business. Divine intervention brought me to Becky. She was just the breath of fresh air I needed at that very moment. I never knew that I could possibly make sense of all the thoughts and ideas I had floating in my head in just 4 weeks. Becky became my biggest fan immediately, and we jumped right into the program.

With Becky’s amazing writing prompts and talent for putting my words together in a meaningful way, I discovered My Zone of Genius. I am amazed at how in 4 weeks I have written down all of my hopes, dreams, accomplishments, talents, and values in a way that pulls it all together to point me in the perfect direction for my life. She guided me through 4 weeks of thinking about myself and my life in a positive light as opposed to constantly thinking in a state of negativity. I now have a well thought out plan for living my higher purpose and being fulfilled. I started living my dream the minute I got off of our last Zoom call!

Becky is a delightful person…funny, smart, and a great listener. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. She is absolutely amazing, and I have, and will, highly recommend her to anyone looking for their Zone of Genius!

Mary Jo Linscott

Fashion and Body Image Consultant

Becky and I met via a photoshoot and quickly learned we are kindred spirits in many ways. When I learned about her course offerings I was super intrigued by the idea of discovering my “Zone of Genius” and even more so when she explained a little about the process.

Throughout the course I had several “AHA” moments of clarity. Firstly, the course forced me to really take some time to take stock, evaluate my strengths and desires. The structure of the course is essential to this vs. just “pondering” which gets you nowhere in a hurry! It then helped me to identify and clarify some really specific ways in which I could incorporate changes and even make additions to my current work and life to address and fulfill those things. Becky is great at coming up with specific suggestions that help to steer you towards finding your own ways to implement things. I look forward to making these very useful tweaks to my current situation.

Becky is a natural born cheerleader / encourager and you feel how sincerely she wants to help. She has a gift for seeing one’s strengths where they may not see them themselves. She is upbeat, fun, energetic and positive and ALL of that is contagious.

I told her time and again “I’m a difficult case!” but she was not deterred! I can highly recommend working with Becky. It is time well spent and I am confident that anyone would benefit from her guidance and encouragement!

Terri Glanger Raven

Commercial and Editorial Photographer

I would highly recommend working with Becky Moore. I began working with Becky in early 2021 with the objective of obtaining clarity around what I want to do with the rest of my life that would enable me to achieve a balance of purpose, pleasure, and passion as a new retiree. Becky helped me immensely in that journey guiding me through an understanding of the key values that resonate most for me, my unique zone of genius, & the natural roles I fall easily into. She helped me achieve clarity in defining my next personal and professional goals. Becky challenged me with thought-provoking questions followed by her keen insights. She has a wealth of creative ideas modeling the way for me to expand my own creative thinking. Becky’s positive energy, passion, and commitment to the success of her clients was readily apparent in all of our interactions. I would strongly recommend Becky to others who are seeking to Discover their Unique Zone of Genius and ways to share their Genius with others.

Mary-Penn Sherlin

Retiree Coach

Becky’s Discovering Your Zone of Genius Guide came into my life at the exact right time!

I could not believe how clear my goals and brand identity became by working through this guide… It was as if Becky had been in my office (and my mind) and knew exactly where I needed guidance.

If you are lacking clarity or feel unsure of your next steps, do your future self a favor and invest in completing this work. You won’t regret it!

Brittney Stefanic

Founder, Sleeper Teachers

When you wear many hats (arts and crafts creator, energy worker, massage therapist, workshop facilitator, etc.) it may seem hard to focus on what is important. However, Becky encouraged me to concentrate on my passions and priorities and achieve results. Having a personal coach, someone dedicated to my interests and my projects, was of great assistance in moving me forward. It made sense to have a partner provide the competitive edge, brainstorm ideas, create new goals, etc.

Becky has been a terrific “cheerleader” and motivator; her enthusiasm is relentless; and her continuing support is priceless. I have no hesitation in recommending Becky to be your Creative Coach!!

Anna Parkins

Healer, Teacher, and Lightworker

What I love most about this workbook is how you really condense a comprehensive marketing and branding education into applicable language that makes sense to those who didn’t go to business school.

I love the colorful and fun visuals, fact nuggets and pull quotes you sprinkled throughout the piece. Lots of eye candy! The interactivity and worksheets are such a fun element to not just learning, but applying what you’re learning and making things happen because of it.

Overall, I’d describe it as intentional, articulate and a great balance of smart and fun.

Becky Hoschek

Life Coach + Writer

Lady, this is knockdown terrific. I learned some cool things like the SAFE goal-setting method and I had no idea that Inspire means to give breath — very cool!

Mimi Bishop

Business + Life Coach


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