Reverence or relevance? Which do you have? Which do you want?

For many generations, it was common for people to work for the same company for their entire career. They would start the Monday after graduation and stay until they decided to retire at age 65 or later.

At their ten-year anniversary they would get a gold watch. At their twentieth they might get an all paid vacation for two. Now they are lucky if they get to keep their job.

What happened? Did people change?

No, the world changed.

Technology changed.

And it’s changing faster and faster every day.

Being good at your job, loyal to the company, and having seniority used to earn you a certain level of reverence within your agency and industry. But that’s not enough to keep you gainfully employed anymore much less admired and respected at the office. You have to be relevant as well.

How do you stay relevant?

  • You stay abreast of new technology and learn how it enhances your job and industry.
  • You learn to forecast trends or at least study the latest trends.
  • You develop a Beginner’s Mind and continue to study and learn throughout your career. Attend conferences, trade shows, read books, get a coach or mentor, or take some courses online.
  • You regularly engage with coworkers of different levels, skillsets, and occupations. There’s a lot of knowledge sharing that can happen when you venture past your own department.
  • You stay social. Social media is a great way to stay in touch with clients and customers.

And the number one most often overlooked way to stay relevant is to boost your creative thinking skills. In doing so, you increase your ability to innovate. And every business wants more innovative products, processes or services, to improve efficiency, effectiveness or competitive advantage.

Do that and you will have achieved both reverence and relevance.