“Should I stay or should I go now?
If I go, there will be trouble
And if I stay it will be double.”

These lyrics were written by the band The Clash, but could have been written by any creative person struggling with the fear, doubt, and indecision that prevents them from experiencing the level of fulfillment in their life and career that they deserve.

As a creative professional (writer, graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, etc.), art enthusiast (art hobbyist or a woman with a natural creative flair), or entrepreneur, you have spent years having your work and ideas scrutinized, criticized, and sometimes even compromised.

It’s no wonder that worst-case scenario thoughts are bombarding you from every direction.

This negative thinking can not only make you and everyone around you miserable, but it can prevent you from living a full and happy life because of your fear to make bold moves.

Is this you?

  • Are you afraid to try new things because you think you’ll suck at them?
  • Do you see others putting themselves out there, being adventurous, and taking risks and wonder how they became so confident while you are always so scared?
  • Have you been thinking that it’s too late or you are too old to make a change or try anything new in your career or creative life?
  • Do you catch yourself always thinking in gloom and doom scenarios?
  • Do you mentally beat yourself up, and are your own worst critic?
  • Are you creatively stuck and need to get unstuck and be inspired again?

You are not alone.

So many amazingly creative people, like you, are plagued with insecurities—but you no longer have to be one of them.

Break out of the vicious cycle of fear and doubt, and imagine a life where…

  • You are excited for each new day to begin because your life is now brimming with adventures and fun new experiences.
  • You are kinder and gentler to yourself and those around you because you have learned to stop negative thinking the second it begins.
  • You are feeling creative and productive now that you have the tools necessary to overcome procrastination.
  • You feel more fulfilled and satisfied with your life and career since you’ve learned how to properly deal with your fears and doubts.
  • You are more at peace since you traded in the notion of perfectionism for professionalism.
  • You now convert fear into excitement and use it to fuel calculated risk-taking.
  • You have cleared away the mental clutter, and are now able to give your family, friends, and coworkers, the YOU they deserve.
  • You have become a dream supporter and encourager for yourself and others.
  • Your focus is on a future full of possibilities and potential and you are GOING FOR IT!

These life-changing results are the real deal, and anyone who is ready to dramatically improve their life can achieve them.

I’ve witnessed time and time again the debilitating effects that fear, worry, and criticism has on even the most talented and seasoned creative professional, which is why I created the Overcoming Creative Fears and Doubts Program.

A month-long, private, one-on-one coaching program that will soothe your soul, build your confidence, and give you the tools you need to live your best creative life.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Four 45-minute private Zoom coaching sessions over the course of 4 weeks where you learn what fears and doubts are holding you back from being at your creative best, what you need to do about them, and how to do it.
  • The well designed, informative, and fun Overcoming Creative Fears and Doubts Guide, which provides you with the weekly action steps that give you the fundamentals and begin boosting your confidence from week one. (What took Becky 10 years to figure out the hard way, by doing ALL THE THINGS, has been distilled down into this compact and effective 4 week proprietary program.)
  • A dedicated coach that pours herself into making sure you achieve the best and fastest results by spending 1-2 hours each week preparing for your coaching session. This includes reviewing your action steps, gathering insights, and when needed, brainstorming ideas and providing potential tangible solutions to help move you forward and jumpstart your own creative thinking.
  • A final detailed recap of all the big AHA! moments of insight that were revealed during your participation in the Overcoming Creative Fears and Doubts program, so that you never forget what you learned during this time of self discovery.
  • A certificate of completion to honor and celebrate all that you have accomplished in just 4 short weeks!


The Overcoming Creative Fears and Doubts Program is for you if want to feel more confident every day and begin making life-changing bold moves to increase your overall happiness, creativity, and engagement with life.

When you show up and give 100% by following the steps outlined in the program, you will have:

  • Faced and overcome resistance (the nemesis of all creative people), so you can get back to consistently doing the work you love.
  • Learned the difference between enjoying the creative process and making creative progress, so that you can more thoroughly enjoy doing your work.
  • Traded in perfectionism for professionalism, so that you are able to stop mentally beating yourself up all the time.
  • Developed tools for breaking through creative blocks, so that you can be more prolific with your craft.
  • Learned how to effectively deal with criticism, both internal and external, so you can stop ruminating, and focus more energy on doing what you love.
  • Replaced doubt with curiosity, and fear with excitement so that your emotions are working with you instead of against you.
  • Had a mini success to build upon, so forward momentum can begin immediately and you can feel confident in your expertise.
  • Developed a self-care practice, so you can perform at your best and be less stressed all the time.
  • Learned to embrace risk, so that you can engage more fully in life and have more thrilling experiences.
  • Found your allies and dream supporters, so that you know the right people to go to for support and understanding when you need it.

The Overcoming Creative Fears and Doubts Program gives you the personalized attention, support, and encouragement not found in other coaching programs. You deserve and need to make your transformation fast, successful, and joyful!


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—Coach Becky