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Introducing the secret inspiration behind many great big ideas…
The Creative Muse.


When you are time-starved, working in overdrive, and staring at a blank computer screen, it’s nearly impossible to find the energy and enthusiasm to get your creative juices flowing. When you find yourself in the Sahara of ideas when you need to be in the monsoon, then it’s time to summon your muse.

Having your own muse, a creative person on call who is willing and able to flood you with ideas to help you flourish, is a gift. As an entrepreneur or an established successful business owner you know that there are times when you wish you had another powerful brain to tap into and kickstart your thinking. Someone that would take the time to learn about your brand, your ideal client, and your current needs and then start cranking out amazing ideas and solutions like a Las Vegas slot machine spitting out coins for the night’s big winner.

IMAGINE…the relief of not ever again having to dread brainstorming ideas for the same annual project that you’ve done year after year, because now you have a list of a zillion fresh new ideas to choose from or to kickstart your thinking.

IMAGINE…the confidence you will feel in partnering with a proven skilled creative resource whose only desire is to come up with as many unique ways as possible to solve the problem at hand, and then step back and watch the magic unfold as you and your team choose which idea(s) to develop.

IMAGINE…the power of having a muse’s brain at your disposal—a constantly charged and inspired think tank on tap—to brainstorm ideas as robust as marketing campaign concepts or as modest as thank you gift ideas for colleagues who send you referrals.

IMAGINE…the reassurance of having the online, one-click equivalent of a Bat Signal to get in touch with your own personal muse. Never again will you have to feel stuck and at a loss for what to do or create. With your muse on call, there will never be a lack of inspiration or ideas. A muse’s creative cup often overflows, but it never runs dry.

I have worked with Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years, first as a Creative Director in a leading marketing firm and later as a freelance consultant. Now, as The Creative Muse, I am making available to entrepreneurs and small businesses the same level of thinking that the big boys and girls get without the inflated corporate price tag that usually goes with it.

Because whether you need to design a direct mail campaign, a few impactful ads, or name a new product or service, all projects start the same. They begin with a slew of different ideas. And that’s one of my superpowers—I can generate a variety of good ideas in a relatively short amount of time. And I love doing it.

It’s time to upgrade from your basic 8-pack of crayons to the souped up 120-pack that offers a world of colorful, limitless possibilities.

Here’s what’s included when you hire The Creative Muse:

  • Strategic Ideas
  • Creative Ideas
  • On Target Ideas
  • On Brand Ideas
  • On Budget Ideas
  • On Time Ideas
  • All in a well organized, easy to understand list

Take a look for yourself…

From the desk of the creative muse

Prior to becoming a creative entrepreneur, I worked in the competitive world of corporate marketing and advertising, where client presentations were always highly polished and glossy. The messy but critical work that it took to get to that point was always hidden from view, as if it didn’t exist. The “messy but critical” part was always my forte, and it’s proven to be what entrepreneurs and small businesses often need help with the most too. Here’s a quick glimpse of a variety of deliverables that I have created for a range of clients as The Creative Muse.


The Reason for Invoking The Muse: As a fledgling business that was only a few weeks old, they were operational, but lacking a brand look and feel. They needed guidance on how to translate their vision for the business into visuals for the brand.

The Deliverable: A Brand Mood Board

Visual style and imagery plays a big part in brand storytelling and marketing. This mood board provided the clients with a visual direction to help them stay focused and inspired.

It was also instrumental in helping to choose the brand color palette and deciding on visuals for marketing materials as well as design elements in-store.


The Reason for Invoking The Muse: Summer rolled around and it was once again time to create the annual benefit enrollment materials. The client needed some fresh new overarching concepts that would highlight and encourage enrollment to employees—who needed to understand their benefit options and make appropriate decisions for themselves and their families.

The Deliverable: A Benefits Campaign Concept Deck

Armed with the understanding that some people find open enrollment a bit stressful, each concept presented offered a unique theme designed to increase anticipation and generate excitement. As a litmus test for big thinking, each concept also had to be robust enough to easily generate a plethora of engaging headlines and striking, fun visuals. If you can find ways to entertain your audience while you educate them, your rate of engagement and response will go up. And so will your ROI.

The Reason for Invoking The Muse: The client was looking for ways to increase direct mail response rates and overall ROI.

The Deliverable: A Brand Audit, Competitive Audit, and a Brand Opportunities Document

Information is power. Through the process of creating a brand audit, I was able to study their website, social media presence, and marketing collateral at a granular level. Then I applied that same detailed investigative approach to their top three competitors’ brands. When both audits were compared side-by-side, I was able to identify key opportunities that their brand could seize and leverage as valuable points of differentiation.

When your brand is designed to stand out in the marketplace (and not just fit in), you will attract more customers, and your response rates and ROI will naturally increase.

(When I have provided this service for my clients, they have always been very appreciative. So much so that sometimes they have even surprised me with chocolates and flowers. True story.)


The Reason for Invoking The Muse: The CEO and founder of ASU, Kendrick Shope, desired to make the private facebook group created to support her students, an even stronger “community” where members would want to come, spend time, and interact with each other often.

The Deliverable: Online Community Engagement Research & Ideation Document

Step one of this project, like all creative projects, was to research and gather as much information as possible. I spent a considerable amount of time observing the Facebook group’s use and interactivity. I then began researching the functions of a successful community, to determine where there were opportunities for improvement within the existing ASU facebook group. It was only then, armed with the proper knowledge and insights that I began brainstorming potential solutions.

Brainstorming and concepting is a whole brain process involving both strategic and creative thinking. You cannot have successful significant outcomes unless your creative solutions are generated from sound strategic insights.


The Reason for Invoking The Muse: The client needed unique, out-of-the-box ideas for the focal point of the lobby in their Palo Alto office. The only requirement was that it had to somehow express their brand’s attributes of innovation, precision, artistry, and technological connectivity, while showcasing their logo.

The Deliverable: AT&T Foundry Lobby Focal Point Concepts Deck

A dozen eye-catching suggestions were presented to the client in the form of a deck with a brief concept overview. This included sketches of what the space would conceivably look like and photography references to help explain and visualize the end result.

Pie-in-the-sky thinking done early on encourages a range of ideas and creative possibilities to manifest. This “big brand thinking” offers lots of flexibility and carries with it more opportunities to make a huge impact. You can always scale a great idea down if needed, but it’s awfully hard to take a weak one-off idea and try to force it to be something it’s not. Think big first.


The Reason for Invoking The Muse: As The Creativity and MidLife Transformation Coach, I find myself spending more and more time kick-starting my clients’ creative thinking with a myriad of varied ideas and suggestions. This comes very easily to me and I’m happy to do it. Quite often I’ve been asked by clients and friends who know that I have this skill set, if they can hire me to do their brainstorming for them. This had happened enough times that it became clear there is a demand for this type of ideation service. I just needed to outline the specifics of the service I was going to provide.

The Deliverable: A Mind Map

Mind Mapping is a quick brainstorming exercise that I use often when I want to categorize, highlight, and analyze information while identifying as many connections as possible. Here I used it to ascertain my potential clients’ needs that as The Creative Muse I could fulfill, the types of projects that I might best be able to help them with, and the benefits they would receive in working with me.


The Reason for Invoking The Muse: After running a very successful long-standing campaign called, Hungry Today, NTFB wanted to explore some new campaign concepts.

The Deliverable: North Texas Food Bank Campaign Concepts with Billboard Ad Applications

No matter the client or the medium, when concepting ad campaigns certain barometers for success always hold true. The idea has to be arresting, clever, quick to comprehend, and affect the desired response. And in the case of billboards placed along busy interstates and highways, you only get about five seconds to make that kind of impact.


The Reason for Invoking The Muse: After completing the extensive work required to get a new brick and mortar business up and running, the owners of The Cajun Market realized that they had not yet given much thought to the many various ways they could market their brand beyond social media. They were also interested in the possibilities of generating additional revenue beyond selling ready-made food and grocery items. They had some ideas, but desired a solid strategy and specifics from someone with both a creative and marketing background.

The Deliverable: The Cajun Market Brand Extension List

This document outlined and prioritized which branding and marketing projects to tackle first, second, and third as their budget would allow. It also supplied them with numerous marketing ideas such as in-store signage and ads, events, seasonal promotions, exclusive branded products, themed gift baskets, offsite Cajun Market hosted experiences, gift certificates, etc.

As a business owner it’s important to envision all future possibilities early on, so that you can create a brand and marketing system robust enough to support all of your dreams.


The Reason for Invoking The Muse: HP was implementing a new and improved employee social learning platform to replace their existing one called, “Brain Candy”. Both tools were designed to improve HP employees’ learning experience and help them master their roles. HP was considering a rebrand, and asked for naming options that focused on themes such as growth, technology, social learning, networking, collaboration, global knowledge sharing, career opportunities and advancement, and innovation.

The Deliverable: An Extensive List of Possible Platform Names

What’s in a name? Everything. It has to represent your brand’s personality while communicating the key benefit or identifying attribute of the product or service you’re naming. In this scenario, the client needed to see a lot of options in order for the decision makers to come to a consensus, so pages of ideas were delivered. Each naming option submitted met the criteria outlined in the creative brief supplied by the client.


You appreciate having a creative partner, respect the creative process, and are open to new ideas. You don’t mind if new concepts and ideas stretch you out of your comfort zone, so long as they are strategically sound. You agree that there are no bad ideas, there are just better ones. You have an internal team or an external resource that can take the ideas or concepts provided and run with them.

Working with The Creative Muse gives you the confidence you need to make bold moves in your business, your clients’ businesses, and your life. It’s time to dream bigger and be inspired!

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The first time a new client works with me they are usually surprised by how quickly I can generate a vast amount of unexpected solid ideas. The next time we work together, they are thrilled to see that the success of the first time wasn’t a fluke. And it’s around this same time that I start being asked familiar questions like, “How do you come up with so many ideas?” and “How does your brain work like that?” I just smile and shrug. (But inside I’m thanking the creative gods for smiling upon me as I sing the theme song from Xanadu.)

You have to believe we are magic
Nothin’ can stand in our way
You have to believe we are magic
Don’t let your aim ever stray

And if all your hopes survive
Destiny will arrive
I’ll bring all your dreams alive
For you
I’ll bring all your dreams alive
For you

—Sung by Olivia Newton John (Magic)
—Put into practice by
Becky Moore, The Creative Muse


Becky Moore is an idea machine. I have never met anyone like her. The ability she has to problem solve when you feel stuck is mind-blowing. Her brain is as rare as a unicorn because she has both creativity and strategy, which is rare. I’ve worked with Becky on numerous brainstorming projects, specifically but not limited to:

  1. How to not just be another Facebook Group but to really support and love on our clients.
  2. Ideas to pivot my current business to allow for new opportunities
  3. At least 10 product ideas to create as part of Authentic Selling®
  4. Bonus ideas for webinars that people actually get excited about
  5. Super unique and memorable gift ideas for clients, friends, and family

The woman is a nonstop idea machine. If you are stuck, she will provide solutions.

Kendrick Shope
Founder and CEO of Authentic Selling®

Becky is a very talented and creative person. Her attention to detail and keen ability to communicate her ideas make working with her a pleasant and rewarding experience. I can attest to the fact that she has a limitless imagination and boundless enthusiasm for her work.

Bryan Arwood
Principal/Media Production

Becky recently brainstormed my company’s list of marketing goals, ideas and concepts. After reviewing her detailed recommendations, I made my selections for development for my company. Nicely done, Becky! You really are a “creative muse”.

Judith Faye
Owner, Judith Faye Entertainment

I have been working with Becky for almost 10 years. She is a terrific creative/designer/thinker, very detail oriented, and organized. I’m always excited to see the ideas she comes up with for me to illustrate, because they are always inventive and challenging. She has been the greatest creative partner I’ve had. I’m always amazed by her talents!

Mark Ross
Owner, Mark Ross Studio

Becky’s uber-creative brain produces so many great ideas, I’m not sure how she gets any sleep! She’s a consummate professional and absolute pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend her.

Lisa Carr
Group Strategy Director, Accenture Interactive

I hired Becky to help us with a presentation for an international brand and there aren’t enough sports metaphors to describe how well she did. Her passion and commitment make her a rare find and I would definitely hire her again. Plus, her glasses are cool.

Saul Torres
Brand Creative Director l AT&T

Becky is a superstar. Her out-of-the-box thinking and incredible creativity kept me on my toes figuring out ways to make her ingenious ideas reality. Becky is outstanding in her field, well-respected by peers and clients alike. Her amazing work, never-ending creativity, dedication, and always positive attitude make her an asset to any organization.

Jennifer Duncan
Digital Project Manager/Director, Click Here Labs

Her work inspired me and made me want to think bigger. She is a great person and is VERY talented… I would highly recommend her if you ever need a great concept or campaign.

Aaron Herrell
Associate Creative Director

Becky is a creative problem solver, passionate about providing high quality service in every area of her business. Becky has taught me many things about how to market my business with flair. I recommend Becky’s work and her personal style, she enhances my life and I am sure many others.

Don Kennedy
Owner, Dream Big College Admission Advisors

“Everything worth anything begins with a great idea.”

—The Creative Muse

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